Friday, October 7, 2011

Firefox: Create a Desktop Shortcut for a Website Address

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This post provides instructions on how to create a desktop shortcut for a website link that will open in Mozilla Firefox.

For PCs with Windows XP and Firefox version 3.5 or higher.

The instructions contain two tasks:

—How to make Firefox your default browser
—How to create an internet shortcut on your desktop that will open in Firefox

To make Firefox your default browser:

1. Open Firefox.

2. Click Tools, and then click Options.

Click tools and options

3. In the Options dialog box that appears, click the Advanced tab.

click advanced tab

4. Under System Defaults, click Check Now.

click check now

If Firefox is already your default browser, proceed to the second task in this post.

5. In the Default Browser dialog box, click Yes.

click OK

6. Click OK.

click OK

Firefox is now your default browser.

Warning sign
Warning: If Firefox is not your default browser, any website shortcut you add to your desktop will open in the browser that is your default (likely Microsoft Internet Explorer).

Next, we will add an internet address shortcut to your desktop that, when clicked, will open in Firefox.

To create an internet shortcut on your desktop that will open in Firefox:

1. In Firefox, open the website page for which you want to create the desktop shortcut.

2. In the upper right corner of Firefox, click the Restore Down button to reduce the browser window so that you can see both the website page and your desktop.

click restore down

web page and desktop

Note: You can perform these instructions with multiple tabs open in Firefox.

3. To the left of the browser address bar, click and drag the website favicon onto your desktop.

drag favicon

You will see a faded copy of the favicon plus a rectangle with a dashed border and your cursor.

drag onto desktop

Note: The website page you want to create a shortcut for may not have a custom favicon. Regardless, it will at least have an image of a blank piece of paper with its upper right corner turned down. Click and drag that image and you will get the same results.

warning sign
Warning: Ensure that you are not clicking and dragging the favicon that appears next to the browser tab. If you do this, you will not create a shortcut on your desktop but will instead disconnect the tab so that it opens in a separate window.

try to drag tab favicon

4. Release your mouse button on your desktop.

You will see the new shortcut on your desktop.

shortcut icon


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Is there any way to keep the default browser as Internet Explorer and still have the shortcut open in Firefox? silvergerbil

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