Sunday, January 2, 2011

How to Use HJ Split to Split MP3 Files

Tefl Spin tutorialsHJ Split is a simple, easy to use tool that allows you to split files of any type into smaller parts. Also, you can join parts of a file that have previously been split. The interface of this tool is very basic and seems intuitive. In fact, it appears so intuitive that it almost accomplishes that most sought after of usability goals: eliminating the need for documentation.

Why then have I created this tutorial? Well, if you have arrived here after searching for instructions on how to use HJ Split, you know that even for software that appears at first to be eminently straightforward to use, assumptions can lead to problems for users.

Specifically, in this tutorial I will show you how to split an mp3 file of an audio book using HJ Split.

To perform these instructions, you need a copy of HJ Split installed on your computer (you can download it for free here), and an mp3 file. These instructions are specifically for the Windows XP operating system.

This tutorial has three parts:

—To prepare your mp3 files for splitting with HJ Split
—To split your mp3 files with HJ Split
—To access the mp3 files you have split with HJ Split

Let’s proceed to the instructions.

To prepare your mp3 files for splitting with HJ Split:

1. Create a folder where you would like to keep the new files that you are going to split.

create a new folder

: a good idea is to keep the split files in a new folder entitled Split and locate the new folder within the folder that contains the files you are going to split.

2. Hover over the file you are going to split. Write down or remember the length of the file and the size in megabytes.

file information

light bulb ideaTip: your files may not be arranged the same way as they appear in this tutorial. If you would like to set your files to appear in list view: in Windows Explorer (i.e., while you are in a file in Windows), click View, then click List.

change to list view

To split your mp3 files with HJ Split:

1. Click the HJ Split icon to open the program.

click HJ Split icon

2. Click the Split button.

click split button in HJ Split

3. In the Split dialog box that opens, click the Input File button.

HJ Split dialog box

4. Navigate to the location of the file you want to split, select the file, and then click Open.

select file in HJ Split

5. In the Split dialog box that is still open, click the Output button.

Output file in HJ Split

: you may notice that a default output location already appears. This is the same folder where the original file you are going to split is located.

6. Navigate to the folder you created earlier, select it, and then click OK.

select split file

Tlight bulb ideaip: before performing step number 8 (above), you may have to click the plus sign next to the parent folder to expand and display the folder named Split that you created earlier.

click to expand

7. In the Split dialog box, click in the Split file size box and enter the size of the files that you would like to create.

split file with HJ Split

: based on the numbers you wrote down earlier, you can decide how big you want the split files to be. Use the time of the file and the size to make your determination. The size you enter will determine how many files will be created. In my case, I am going to base the decision on file size only: I am going to select 8, which will result in 10 files.

8. Click the arrow next to the Select file size number that you just entered, and select Mbytes.

select megabytes in HJ Split

9. Click the Start button, and when splitting is completed, click OK.

click start in HJ Split

working icon in HJ Split

splitting complete HJ Split

10. Repeat the above steps for the second file and any subsequent files you may have

To access the mp3 files you have split with HJ Split:

1. Close the Split dialog box and the original interface window.

2. Navigate to the output location (the folder you created and named Split earlier).

Note: notice the Unknown file type icon that appears next to every file that was created.

unknown file type in Windows

3. Click on the first file, then click the F2 key on your keyboard, and change the name of the file. Make sure to end the file name with .mp3

change to MP3

warning signWarning: if you do not type .mp3 at the end of the name of the file, Windows will not recognize the file type.

: F2 is a shortcut that allows you to edit the name of a file.

4. Press Enter on your keyboard.

Result: you now see the familiar Windows Media Player icon (or whichever program you have set as your default program for playing audio files) next to the audio file. Also, you can hover over the file and notice that the details of the file now appear.

Media Player icon

file information new

: after you enter the mp3 at the end of the file name and press enter, you might no longer see the .mp3 at the end of the name of the file. This depends both on the length of the name of the file and whether Windows XP is set to display file extensions.

5. Continue clicking on and changing file names and adding the .mp3 suffix to all files.

change name of file

: a good format to follow with multiple audio files that you may want to load onto a player and to play in order, is to add the prefix: 01_, 02_, 03_ etc.

You are now able to more easily upload, and organize your mp3 audio files. Perhaps most importantly, you no longer have to fast forward for minutes on end within extremely large files.


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