Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How to Change Styles in MS Word 2007: When Changes Do Not Take Effect

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Using Styles in Microsoft Word 2007 is an efficient way to format documents. However, you may on occasion have problems changing Styles. If you are having problems changing Styles, the following may help you. This may even be helpful for you if you have successfully changed Styles in Microsoft Word 2007 in the past, but for some reason the changes now do not seem to take effect.

To change a Style in Microsoft Word 2007:

1. Open Microsoft Word 2007.

2. On the Home tab, in the Styles group, right click Normal.

Normal Style MS Word 2007

3. Click Modify.

Modify styles

4. In the Modify Style dialog box, in the box that appears next to Font Color, select (all scripts).

(change all scripts)

: This is what may have been causing the problem for you. I have noticed that this selection box does not even appear in some instances of MS Word 2007. However, when it does, Complex seems to be the default selection. Perhaps this option only appears on versions that are loaded with certain language scripts (such as Thai)?

Note: Notice that when you have made changes to the Font style and size, if you again go to make more changes, Complex once again appears. Only when you change Font size and style (and any other aspect within the Modify Style dialog box) while Complex is selected, do your changes not seem to "take."

5. In the Modify Style dialog box, change the font style and size according to your preference.

change font size

6. Click OK.

OK button

light bulb ideaTip: if you would like the Style change to apply to all documents based on the template you are using, in the Modify Style dialog box, enable the New documents based on this template radio button.

New docs based on this template


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